Time for Australia to show belief that they can win back Ashes

“Australia aren’t good enough to win against England, in England.”

 ”Australia will lose 4-0.”

These statements are making the rounds on Twitter and are now the most heard/read statements after Ravi Shastri’s “just what the doctor ordered”.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.” ― C. JoyBell C.

The Australian team has performed decently in the warm-up games and their much-criticised batting unit has done well in the tour matches. The appointment of Darren Lehmann as the new head coach has brought some fresh and positive energy in the Australian camp, and the team is looking a lot more resolved now, with players making more cricket-related headlines.

The above mentioned quote by C. JoyBell C should be Australia’s mantra for this Ashes series and players should now back their abilities and preparations to win back the prestigious urn. The selected XI should concentrate only on playing good cricket and there should always be a good environment in the camp.

Australia should stay away from the newspapers and media during this series because English journalists will do their level best to indulge these Australian lads in mind games. During the 2011 World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar was very particular about not getting involved with the media in any way and many players admitted that this approach helped them in a big way and allowed them to only focus on cricket.

Australia has faced a lot of criticism of late but now they would have to keep all that aside and focus on winning this tough battle. All the technicalities and strategies would have been discussed and there is no point talking about them the day before the first Test begins.

Sometimes we try to dig too much into the technical aspect of the game that we forget about the psychological factors. Many successful sportspersons have given more importance to mental soundness than technical soundness in winning big and tough battles. This doesn’t mean I am claiming technique is not important, it is very important, but one shouldn’t think too much about the flaws in one’s technique just before the match because this will make them more circumspect and it may have a negative impact on their confidence.

Michael Clarke along with Darren Lehman need to make sure the team is always motivated and full of self-belief. Even if they’re 20-2, they should have the confidence to take it to 200-3, just like the previous generation of Australian cricketers, who played with a “never say die” attitude.

It will be a very challenging series for this Australian team but then, what is Test cricket without a challenge? Now, they shouldn’t be thinking about how good Jimmy Anderson and Graeme Swann are and how many runs Alastair Cook has scored. The new ball will swing, Swann will turn the ball and Cook and co. will put the bad balls away.

Australia should only concentrate on playing their best cricket throughout the series.



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