Congratulations, England.

As many predicted, England have retained the Ashes and all this has happened in as many as three test matches. Clearly, England have emerged out as a better side in the first three matches but Australia have surprised many people with their brave performance in the third test match at Manchester. Australia deserved to win this match at Old Trafford but rain played the role of spoilsport and the match resulted in a draw which,  in turn, resulted in England retaining the Ashes.

After this rain-interrupted match, many  were heard saying and they’re still saying that, “this is not the best way of retaining the Ashes” and in my honest opinion, this is not a very intelligent thing to say. England have retained the Ashes after “winning” the first two test matches of this all-important series and they have played some exceptional cricket so far. It was England’s good fortune that, the bad Manchester weather turned out to be  in their favor and to be over critical of this is not the wisest thing a man can do.
Weather has always played it’s part in the game of cricket and not long ago, England suffered because of the bad weather in the champions trophy final and to their credit, they accepted their defeat gracefully and moved on with it. The same English side have all the rights in the world to celebrate this big moment because they’ve  played good cricket and won 2 out of 3 matches.
All these arguments  making rounds on Twitter and elsewhere about the aforementioned issue are upsetting because each and every team in the world has benefited from the bad weather and has also been at the receiving end of the same.

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