BCCI Shouldn’t Treat County Cricket Like a Rehabilitation Centre


Picture Courtsey: 24cricket.com

Indian opener Gautam Gambhir has signed a contract with Essex for the remainder of English county season. This move by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) is receiving a lot of praise and it has happened after a long time that, all the fans and journalists are applauding a BCCI move in unison. BCCI has been reluctant to send Indian players to play county cricket but, this was a much needed move for the struggling Indian batsman.

The primary reason behind this move is; Gautam Gambhir is still in contention for the South Africa tour and  because he wasn’t selected for the India A team, this little county stint will give him a good chance to prove his worth and regain the trust of the selectors.
Gambhir’s batting form has dipped massively in the last 12 months or so. He averages 32.50 in his last 20 ODI innings as compared to his career average of 39.68 and in test cricket, he has scored runs at an average of 31.10 in last 20 innings and if you compare this with his career average of 44.18, this is a serious decline.
Gambhir is a batsman of top pedigree and he has excelled at the highest level but, he hasn’t been able to overcome his batting weakness off late and unfortunately for the Indian cricket,  his bad run has been an extended one.
Bad runs are inevitable and in a long career, they’re going to show up, even if the batsmen aren’t always sure when or why. Gambhir’s case is no different but, the problem has been the lack of responsibility towards his game. He has had similar kind of dismissals over and over again and this is something which you don’t  expect from a professional. Gambhir has looked completely out of sorts and this is the only reason behind his journey, ” from being the first choice opener to someone, who wasn’t even selected in the A Team”.
This county experience is Gambhir’s best chance to come back into the international arena and do justice to his talent. To end this miserable run, he would need to work really hard and spend a lot of quality time batting in the middle.
BCCI’s rigid ways have been under the scanner and, this rigid approach is hurting Indian cricket in a massive way. Indian cricketers aren’t able to gain the valuable county experience and the worst part is; there is no cricketing reason involved.
BCCI takes more pride in being called “the most dominant cricket board” and this approach isn’t allowing Indian cricket to attain its maximum potential.
BCCI shouldn’t treat county cricket like a rehabilitation centre where, out of form players can go to gain some form. They should rather consider county cricket as a platform to groom their cricketers. They should stop acting likes bullies because this is again, hurting the Indian cricket.

One comment

  1. JK

    definitely a positive move – Gambir still a class act BCCI need to allow more players to improve chances for contention of places!

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